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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Forest School


Birdwatch 2022

Our school is going to be participating in Big Garden Birdwatch again this year - please do encourage your child(ren) to take part. All they need to do is spend one hour between Friday 28th and Sunday 30th of January counting the birds they see in the garden, local park or from your balcony and record what they see. It couldn't be simpler to take part! You can find more information about how to take part here.

Big Garden Birdwatch aims to provide a snapshot in time of how garden birds are doing across the UK. It is held each year at a similar time so that results can be compared year after year, and is done in winter as this is when garden birds need us most. If the weather is really cold it is likely more birds will come into our gardens looking for both shelter and food.

In 2021, more birds than ever before were placed on the Red list of greatest conservation concern and this list is now 70 species long. Please click the link below for more information about the Birds of Conservation Concern 5 report and the red, amber and green lists for birds across the UK.


Forest Blog

Year 6, Week 1

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This term’s badges are: STEM (project with Farmvention), Waste and Energy and Climate Change

Last week Dougie and Alex were supporting willow arches with stakes and having difficulty getting them into the ground, so this week they made a mallet.

Some children wanted to develop their whittling skills.

They made tent pegs, using the straight cut, stop cut and bevel.

Our wonderful new cabin means that photos of flora and fauna can be displayed on the walls and in large books for easy reference.

Year 5, Week 1

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This term’s badges are: First Aid, whittling wood and fire skills.

“I was really nervous about using the knife but John taught me how to use it safely and he gave me his newly cut stick, which was easier to carve. I feel really happy with my whittled stick.”

Nothing is wasted; wood shavings are collected for tinder for the fire.

This week we learned more about asthma: what causes it, signs and symptoms and how we can help.

Children shared their experiences.

Year 1, Week 6

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More clues and more cards!

Off we went to explore inside and outside before directing our own learning, later making a Christmas wreath with winter evergreens and singing known and invented versions of The Holly and the Ivy.


Year 3, Week 6

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Today’s main objective was to prepare the colours for the children’s Stone Age painting project in class.

We looked at cave paintings, discussed pigments used and how they were obtained.

The children took soil samples and ground them up with rocks and a pestle and mortar, along with berries and hedgerow fruits.

Charcoal from previous fires was ground up as was chalk and clay but in the absence of red and yellow ochre we got creative and introduced a culinary twist: turmeric and paprika.

Fossils of these spices have been found near prehistoric cooking vessels across Europe, dating back 4-5,000 years.

We used our own foraged foliage and assembled paint brushes to explore mark making and technique.

Year 1 Week 5

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We arrived at the shelter to rainbow cards hanging all around.

The children predicted they were from the elves and they were right.

We went exploring the school and grounds to look for clues and evidence that their friends had visited.

“The kindness elves have come to the shelter!”

“Wow, they’re from the kindness elves! Let’s read them!”

Rosanna: I’ve been kind to my friends, I helped my friend when she fell over.

“My sister was sad so I wrote her a nice letter”

“I helped my sister find her toys”

Owen: I had a cheeky elf at home and he wrapped me up for two weeks!

Layla: You know they could have a large sycamore leaf as a rug. This stump looks like something the elves might travel on and maybe they magic it so they can travel on it and all three of them can have a ride.

Amelia’s grandmother kindly gave each member of class a golf ball on a lid and the children decorated them for Christmas.

We learned more about how litter affects animals and how we can use our imaginations to think of fun ways to recycle objects.

Some children also chose to make a little nocturnal hoglet, using woodland treasures, including pine needles for spines and a pine cone for the snout.

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