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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!

Forest Blog

Christmas Fair

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Year 6 raised £236 for Awamu, a charity that cares for vulnerable children in the slums of Kampala, Uganda, by providing education and health needs but also empowers the ‘grandmothers’ who care for them as they are taught skills so that they can earn money.

This is a massive achievement from only one class. The children worked tirelessly throughout the term focusing on different skills of their choice: woodwork; cooking; designing with fabric or wreath making.

Special thanks need to go to Amelia, who shared her interest in crystals and healing with the class, polished the stones, made necklaces and inspired others.

Jonah was a huge support to others with woodwork and so proactive, making wooden gonks at home.

Huge thanks to all the children and their parents/carers who visited the Christmas Fair and celebrated their achievements.

Awamu means ‘together’ and together we really can make a difference.

Winter fun with Year 1

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Congratulations Year 1 on earning your badges: dirty knees, gentle hands, scratches and scrapes, hammer and nails and hacksaw.

THANK YOU, Children!

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I need to give a shout out to Alex, Isabelle, Chloe, Amelia, Sid, Jonah and Arthur.

They worked tirelessly to cut back and clear areas.

Alex: This session we used shears, secateurs and loppers to cut down the area where the gooseberries were and cut down all the brambles. It took all the session but we managed a lot of it.

Isabelle and Chloe: When we got stung by the nettles we helped each other by gathering plantain from the field. We are determined to finish cutting back the plants in Garden Gang.

Sid: It was a hard job. We all had a part and we all listened to each other.

Amelia: We took turns with the tools.

When they finally removed the roots from the soil:

Me: How did that feel?

Jonah: in a word…JOYFUL

Amelia: Yes, pure happiness - we’d worked hard.


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There are always seasonal jobs to do but I have been amazed at how willing the children have been to get stuck in.

Huge thanks to Diane Hunt (Alfie’s grandmother), who is coming in on Wednesdays and has been helping the children prepare the allotment for next year; not an easy task!  

Her knowledge of the soil and growing has been invaluable and we are very grateful.


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A few weeks ago Harry (Quinn and Mack’s dad) asked whether we’d like some apples from his family’s orchard.

We were thrilled.

Out came the traditional apple press.

The children learnt how to cut apples, using the bridge and claw technique, learnt how to use the blender, apple slicer and the press.

Those 3 crates of apples produced 29 litres of juice! Harvey summed it up, “ I loved it! I wish we could do this every day! I loved slicing the apples and pressing them but most of all I loved drinking the delicious juice.”

We spoke about how different the juice is in shops and why.

Thank you, Harry!

Zoha: We did baking today and created some apple crumble. We used different techniques for tasks, like the bridge and claw cut when cutting with a knife.

Indi: I learnt how a blender works and how to use the apple press.

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