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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!

Forest Blog

Year 3, 12th October

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Today we consolidated classroom learning of skeletons and how they support, protect and enable movement.

We also learned the word endoskeleton when looking at vertebrates and exoskeleton for some invertebrates.

It was fascinating looking at sheep and badger skulls, especially the teeth of herbivores and omnivores.

The eyes are on the side for grazing animals as this helps them see all around, in case of attack and for predators they are at the front, so they can focus on and target their prey.

Esme in Year R donated two shed snake’s skins.

We shed our skin cells every day but with snake it is like removing a sock – in one whole piece, as their skin cannot grow with the snake’s skeleton.

Delicate, patterned and crispy to touch with intricate detailing; nature really is amazing!

Afterwards, the children learned new knots that enabled them to put up swings.

Some had to saw wood for a seat, using the bow saw.


“Today I was resilient. I had an earache, but I put my hood up and carried on.” (Vienna)

“We were tying our using knots to tie our swing. We threw the rope over the branch independently. We learned the timber hitch and underhand knots. We felt proud that we’d persevered.” (Darcy)

“It was challenging but I was determined and I didn’t cry when I felt really frustrated. We persevered because we had to undo the underhand knot a few times because it was either too high or too low. “ (Jayden)

Visit from Education Officer, Tom White, from the Kent Wildlife Trust

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Still buzzing from winning GOLD in the Kent Wildlife Awards, it was an absolute honour to welcome Tom White, Education Officer with Kent Wildlife Trust.   

Earthclass, Eco Club and Garden Gang were all there answering questions and were filmed for a short video that will be featured on their website as well as an article in the winter edition of the magazine.

Listening to the children speak so passionately about the environment and what they are doing here at Sutton Valence Primary School gave me goose bumps.

It was wonderful to share with Tom what we are doing with regards to protecting wildlife, engaging with nature as well improving our environmental sustainability and reducing our carbon footprint.

Really interesting listening to Tom and hear about what Kent Wildlife are doing with their wilding project involving the introduction of the three Bs: boar, bison and beavers.

In Eco Club this term we will be focusing on vocabulary and definitions, the first three being: sustainability, biodiversity and carbon footprint.

The children are designing the eco board to share this learning with the school.  

Year 3

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We were all very excited to be leaving the school site and headed to the woods, just beyond the local allotments which we enjoyed along the way, pointing out and discussing everything growing.

The children learned how to build an A frame shelter and one using a tarpaulin.

They also made up lazer games using the extra rope.

We had a lot of fun!

“We built an A frame using sticks. We used forked sticks for the entrance and large logs at the side to make it safe and stable.” (Henry)

“By using the timber hitch knot we were able to tie the rope between two trees. It’s a sliding knot and tightens when you pull it.” (Eleanor)

“Me, George, Adam and Carrie made a tree house and put a ladder there. We introduced a door bell. If we had more time we would use this ivy to lash the sticks together.” (Freddie)

“I added to the lazer ropes for a game. If you touch one you will get electrocuted.” (Carrie)

Year 4

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After recapping how trees help us the children got into pairs to Meet a Tree.

In this activity one person is blindfolded and must use their other senses to get to know their tree: hug it, smell it, feel for knots or branches, protruding roots, listen to leaves rustling.

The sight guide must ensure their partner feels safe by describing their way to the special tree they have chosen for them, via an indirect route.

“Meet a Tree felt good and I did not worry. I felt safe with my sight guide. He led me safely, told me the direction and was slow. I found my tree and I got to know it. I knew which one it was. I felt it inside. I just knew it.” (Ayden)

In last week’s session a number of children made potions with herbs from the herb garden and aromatic flowers from the allotment and today they developed this learning with added citrus scents, herbal and floral aromas.

Didi has an especially fine ‘nose’ and will make an excellent perfumer.

The children also made soothing, calming bags with dried lavender.

“We are using citrus fruits for an energising  perfume.” (Eden)

“I have put ginger, lemon and orange in a perfume bottle. It is quite pungent and reminds me of Christmas.” (Didi)

“So does mine! Do you want to smell? It’s called Jolly Christmas.” (Eden)

Year 4

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Such a wonderful session with Year 4 today.

Badges this term are: conservation, campsite cooking and advanced gardener and the class science link is Living Things and Their Habitats.

Today we explored all our different habitats and we will be classifying animals, taking a trip to local woodland to make shelters and creating a book about British Trees, including photos, uses, facts, folklore, leaf and bark rubbings.

The children also directed their own learning and were very absorbed.

“I got some sticks off the floor to make his hair and I put a rubber band to help his arms stay.” (Freya)

 “I’ve made a monster and used different leaves for his hair.” (Jessie)

“I’m making perfume and have used yarrow, cornflower and lemon balm.” (Romi)

“I’m making a bug hotel and I’ve made different layers. At the bottom I put wood and then I put some sandy mud and some damp mud. Then I decorated the top with berries and carrots.” (Eden)

“Look! I’ve printed different leaves into the clay.” (Jessie)

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