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Earthclass Cabin Creatives

admin on: Forest Blog

Thank you to years 5 and 6 for all their hard work and creativity in getting the cabin ready.

I think you’ll agree, it is such an inspiring learning space.

Year 5, Weeks 2 and 3

admin on: Forest Blog

Year 5 have been learning about fire skills, fire safety and first aid.

Seth, our resident fire expert helped to build the fire and explain.

Jack was demonstrating how to care for burns and scalds.

Christian and Alan made elder whistles, and everyone was involved in weeding and covering the allotments, making sure they are ready for spring.

Maria shared, “I wouldn’t have chosen to prepare the allotment, I would have chosen something creative, like I usually do but I am so pleased that I did. There is a lot of satisfaction looking at it all ready after all that hard work.”

The children also all contributed to digging a trench for the new fruiting hedgerow plants that include guelder rose and sloes.

This hedge will not only act as a boundary but will act as a wonderful habitat and food for all kinds of birds, amphibians and reptiles and insects.

Garden Gang will ensure they are watered and weeded and checked weekly.

The Tree Council also sent us 5 orchard trees: quince and apple.  

Year 6, Weeks 2 and 3

admin on: Forest Blog

These last few weeks the children have been decorating our amazing new cabin, preparing for a delivery of orchard trees from the Tree Council as well as getting on with their own projects.

Last year Ruben dug out a perfect cross in the ground.

He was so precise with the edges.  

Now it has ledges, is lined, and has become a wildlife pond.

He explained his inspiration, “I did it because the cross represents the people who lost their lives during Covid and it’s also to thank the healthcare workers for all that they do. It is now a wildlife pond to help wildlife.”

Grace was helped develop one of the dens, “I am trying to make a zen den: a calm, peaceful place for us and nature. This is what forest school is about. When people need calming, they can come in here, have a rest, draw on a wooden disc or just hum.”

If anyone is looking for me, it’s highly likely you’ll find me there!

Year 6, Week 1

admin on: Forest Blog

This term’s badges are: STEM (project with Farmvention), Waste and Energy and Climate Change

Last week Dougie and Alex were supporting willow arches with stakes and having difficulty getting them into the ground, so this week they made a mallet.

Some children wanted to develop their whittling skills.

They made tent pegs, using the straight cut, stop cut and bevel.

Our wonderful new cabin means that photos of flora and fauna can be displayed on the walls and in large books for easy reference.

Year 5, Week 1

admin on: Forest Blog

This term’s badges are: First Aid, whittling wood and fire skills.

“I was really nervous about using the knife but John taught me how to use it safely and he gave me his newly cut stick, which was easier to carve. I feel really happy with my whittled stick.”

Nothing is wasted; wood shavings are collected for tinder for the fire.

This week we learned more about asthma: what triggers it, signs and symptoms and how we can help.

Children shared their experiences.

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