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Sutton Valence Primary School


Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.


Inclusion Manager/SENCo - Mrs Denise Deane

Contact - 01622 842188 or

Sutton Valence Primary School is a fully inclusive school and all children are included regardless of their needs. Our committed, supportive and caring community work hard to ensure a whole school ethos of inclusion where:


  • All children are actively involved in all activities throughout the day.
  • Time out of the class away from peers is minimised.
  • Teaching strategies and resources are adapted to ensure equal accessibility to all.
  • Discrete adult support is given to promote independent learning, appropriate socialisation and to avoid learnt dependency.
  • Opportunities are continually explored for all children to grow in confidence, have a voice and shine.  

At Sutton Valence we know that all children learn in different ways so we use different teaching styles, resources and plan different levels of work, along with a range of other approaches. We call this Quality First Teaching.


Our SEND policy and Information document explains our inclusive practice in full.


The admission criteria ranking for Children with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities is as follows:

1.  Children in Local Authority Care or Previously in Local Authority Care
2. Children with Education Health Care Plan 
3.  Current family association (sibling)
4.  Health, Social and Special Access reasons
5.  Distance


You can find KCC's SEND strategy by clicking the link below. The aim of this strategy is to improve the educational, health and emotional wellbeing outcomes for all children in Kent and young people with special education needs and those who are disabled.


Please see the link below for the following document - Kent's Strategy for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities 2021-2024 



Further to Mrs George's blog request below, please find below a link to the Coronavirus book for children that Mrs George refers to in her blog.

Coronavirus: A Book for Children - illustrated by Gruffalo illustrator Axel Scheffler

Mrs George's Blog


Angela George (ageorge) on: Mrs George's Blog

Hi everyone

How are you all?  It is very different in school at the moment.  We have lots more pupils now coming in regularly and it is lovely to see some of our little ones in Year R and Year 1 who have returned.  They have been amazing and as the week goes on becoming a little tired as they get used to their new school routine.  Everyone has been so good really ensuring they stay socially distant and constantly washing hands.  It is lovely to be a whole school staff again and work again together.  We are looking forward to hopefully seeing more of you in the future. Stay safe! 

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Resources for pupils from DfEE re hand washing and respiratory hygiene

Angela George (ageorge) on: Mrs George's Blog

Good morning everyone

I thought I would share some resources that are on the DfEE website about hand washing and respiratory care. The information and resources may just help your child understand a little more about why we have to follow the routines we are doing with regard to hand washing.

The DFEE states: "e-Bug is a project led by Public Health England.  It has a dedicated webpage for learning resources on hand washing and respiratory hygiene".

You can access them at

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Tuesday 28th April - in school if you need to talk to me

Angela George (ageorge) on: Mrs George's Blog

Hi Everyone

Just to let you know I am in school today and tomorrow if any parents of SEN pupils (or anyone else) need to talk to me.  Please ring the school and the office will put you through.  Alternatively you can email me on

Take care and stay safe!

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Wednesday 22nd April

Angela George (ageorge) on: Mrs George's Blog

Hi again

I hope those families who have been in school today find the Corona virus Booklet we have sent home today useful!  I have also emailed a few of you today and spoken to one parent.  I just wanted to touch base and say that I am here in school next week on Tuesday and Wednesday and if anyone wants to ring I am happy to take calls.  I am also working from home on days I am not here and will check in to emails so if you want you can get me that way too.  To be honest it was lovely being back in school today and being with colleagues and actually talking to people face to face.  At the moment like many of us I am only speaking to my family through face time or zoom which is just not the same - however we are lucky to live in the age of technology where we can do this.  We have also been lucky with the weather and I am enjoying daily walks and have actually discovered some public footpaths around my village that I did not know existed.  

I have also discovered another relaxation app called 'Balance' which is really good.  It is also free for a year.  I am trying to do a bit of calming, breathing and meditation every day (does not always work out) and I am finding it does help start my day more positively.

Anyway I just wanted to say that I hope you are all keeping well and please do not hesitate to contact me via the office or email if you need to/want to.

Take care and stay safe! 

Mrs George

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Coronavirus Booklet for children

Angela George (ageorge) on: Mrs George's Blog

Hi again

I have asked Mrs Jack if she will add to my Inclusion page an illustrated  booklet that I have been sent for children, to help them understand.  I cannot for some reason link it here but Mrs Jack can link it to my page on the website.  Please look out for it on the Inclusion page of the school website in the near future. It is aimed at helping children understand the situation and the cartoon type illustrations make it a bit more appealing to read.

I hope it helps.

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The Contented Child - evening webinars via Zoom

The Contented Child has made some changes during this period of Covid-19 outbreak. They are offering a range of webinars at 8pm-10pm in the evening which will hopefully be after young children have been tucked up in bed. Webinars will be hosted on Zoom and full details will be sent when you book. For more details, contact

9th April - Managing Challenging and Violent Behaviour at Home

14th April - Autism and Girls: The Hidden Gender

16th April - ADHD Awareness

21st April - Misunderstood Defiance: Understanding and Supporting PDA/ODD


Autism Support during school closure as a result of Covid-19 outbreak

01/04/2020 - Good morning, I hope you are all well and if possible can enjoy today's sunshine.

Below are some support resources and information for families who have family members with autism. The resources include a social story which can be printed off and used to explain coronavirus.

I hope you find this helpful!

Supporting through Uncertain Times (Autism)

Sensory Processing Exercise Ideas

Social Story


Further Support Resources (for pupils with or without SEN)

Here are some fun resources to help you get through some tough times, and for those parents and carers with teenagers there is an article with tips to support you in helping them if and/or when they are feeling particularly anxious.

Simon Says - Fitness Disguised as Fun

Teen Anxiety Tips re Covid-19