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Earth Class


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Posted: Feb 12, 2023 by: Tara (Tara) on: Forest Blog

Some beautiful quotes from Earthclass questionnaire.

How does being outside in nature make you feel?

Year 1

Brogan: I feel calm because the birds are twitching and singing and the autumn leaves are changing colour.

Alfred: I feel happy because of the fresh air.

Year 2

Rosanna: really happy and joyful

Isabelle: In the summer I stood with my eyes closed. Just me and the wind. I was being friends with nature.

Teddy: calm and resilient

Cooper: Happy because I like nature a lot. I saw a fox close up and its tracks in the snow. That was my first time.

Year 5

Maria: It makes me feel calm and happy hearing the singing of the birds. If I am near a lake I watch the ripples and the wind in my face makes me feel free.

Myles: Calm and like I connect with nature.

Zhasmin: Happy, creative, sometimes cold, always calm.

Onyi: It makes me feel happy because nature is peaceful.

Year 6

Lucas B: Very relaxed with the beautiful surroundings, scents and people.

Dexter: I enjoy myself in nature and love wildlife and learning about it.

Do you understand how important it is to look after Earth?

Year 5

Ogonna: Yes, because we only have one Earth.

Zara: Yes and I am scared some people don’t.

Year 6

Emily: Yes, because let’s say you are littering. Well, the animals could die of it. I saw litter all over my park and I picked it all up.

Have you grown to care more for the flora and fauna?

Year 5

Ronnie: Yes, definitely! The more I hear what PEOPLE are doing, the more I care.

Year 6

Luca B: Yes, I have realised how precious the Earth is.

Maisie: Earthclass shows me how important it is to look after Earth.

Are you more appreciative of how nature helps and heals us?

Year 5

Hannah: Yes, for example… I got stung by a stinging nettle and I got a plant called plantain and healed it.

Alex: Yes, nature is the key to our lives.

Do you engage more with and protect nature outside school?

Harry W: I move animals out of the road, plant trees and recycle.

Harry H: Yes. I plant trees, help animals and care for our garden.