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Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!


Friday, 11th November

Posted: Nov 13, 2022 by: Tara (Tara) on: Forest Blog

Due to bird flu we have had to move the chickens into the shed.

We have been observing where they lay their eggs so that we can put nesting boxes in the right place and hopefully stop the eggs rolling off the table!

We were thrilled when they laid in the wheelbarrow tray and other boxes we put in.

Lana was very resilient as she got flapped in the face and Elodie wasn’t initially keen as ‘It’s staring me right in the eye!’

They both returned from the second visit laughing and carrying feathers.

Badges this term are: hammers and nails, hacksaw, scratches and scrapes, dirty knees, gentle hands.

Today the children learned how to use a hammer and nails safely and produced some stunning string art, really beautiful.

“I hurt my finger with the hammer but I bounced back and believed in myself” (Brogan)

“Resilience means jumping out of hurt things and carrying on.” (Alan)

“If my mum misses me, she can look at this nail heart and play the rubber bands like a guitar. That music will make her feel better.” (Benji)

“This pot is all about nature: scented rose petals and pungent sage.” (Elodie)