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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Forest Blog

Did you know?

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This term Year 5 have been busy completing a schools environmental challenge organised by South and South East in Bloom, who are looking for schools that contribute most in caring for our fragile environment: encouraging and supporting wildlife and the wider educational value this brings.

Well done Year 5 for all your hard work this term, collating evidence in pictures and text.

We had a great term, learning more about ants with our ant-o-sphere and there was a lot of fact finding about various species.

Scarlett: Newts can change their eye lenses 18 times in 16 years?

Lily: There are three different types of newt in the UK, including smooth newt, palmate newt, crested newt.

Olivia: Cowslips are poisonous to horses and cows.

Izzy: The great tit is known as a bird bully.

Keira: Great tits and coal tits are nesting in bird boxes in our forest school area.

Suffian: Chickens are related to the tyrannosaurus rex and hens teach chicks before they’ve even hatched.

Lexi: Chickens can communicate with over 30 vocalisations, each meaning something.

Wills: Ants are the strongest animals in the world in terms of the ratio of body weight compared to what they can carry.

Agents of Change

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Last term we were so excited to win, not just Best School for Conservation in Maidstone, but Sutton Valence Primary School were also presented with this apple as Overall Conservation Winners in Kent and Medway.

The judges mentioned how impressed they were with everything we are doing to help the environment.

Every child should pat themselves on the back for this award as everyone has been involved in some way.

You really have made a positive different to our beautiful world.

Year 6

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This was our first forest school session in our new shelter and it really did make a difference as the heavens opened and we were able to go inside.

Liberty, Ellie and Priscilla were quick decorate, adding hanging baskets and assorted foliage and we all enjoyed marshmallows and more inspiring stories of survival.

We really are grateful to everyone who gave their time or resources to erect this amazing building.

Year 5

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The class have worked so hard: weeding the plots; measuring their area and planting an assortment of bulbs and wildflower seeds.

We reviewed last year and, after reflecting, decided to plant red and white onion bulbs, garlic bulbs and wildflower seeds as they are fairly low maintenance and will enable us to focus on other conservation projects closer to school.

The bulbs don’t need watering but do need weeding around the growing plants. As Morgan said, “They’re like humans; they need their personal space!”

At school, we improved bug hotels and other habitats.


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Meet Bruce the dog.

He’s getting used to the snow now.

Nice, snowy, pom pom legs don’t you think?

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