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Our First Harvest

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Another magic filled day! June 9th 2017

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Rabbit class were so happy to see the bog babies again!

They returned to the talking tree and there, amazingly, just in front, was a fairy ring.

We spoke about how that is where the fairies dance and practice their magic and we held hands and danced around it with our baskets, before walking up the road to collect the fragrant, elder flower heads to make cordial.

Some of this juice will be left for the fairies, along with the children’s descriptive writing and a letter for our new friends.

Magic envelops Hedgehog class! 7th June 2017

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Today, whilst searching for woodland treasures, we stumbled upon an envelope hidden in a tree.

Inside was a riddle with clues that led us to a letter and a book, ‘The Bog Baby’.

Excitedly, we opened the letter.

The bog baby had set us a challenge and, of course, we were eager to deliver.

The children made their own bog baby, wrote its name and described each feature.

May 2017 - Our allotment is ready!

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A HUGE thank you to the Year 5 dads for all your help with getting the netted structures up and particular thanks to Aylin's dad and Dennis’s dad for later putting down the pathways and to Maisie’s dad for coming in to share your knowledge of beautiful bees.

Congratulations to Year 3 and Year 5 for working tirelessly to prepare the allotment this term and to all pupils who have contributed.

Now it’s a case of weeding, watering and waiting.

I’m so proud of all of you! It's exciting stuff this allotment business!


Friday, 21st April. Year 5

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Tree Imagery.

This exercise instils an ecological awareness and ethic. Children ‘became’ trees and were immersed in the journey of deciduous trees through the seasons.

They also learned how to use a flint and steel. In the afternoon we went up to our allotment. It is now ready for sowing and planting.

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