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Sutton Valence Primary

School British Values

Friday 20th November 2015:

The children have all worked hard to create our ideal of what a Sutton Valence Citizen would look like - See photographs!

Friday 13th November 2015:

As a school we have been learning a great deal about British Values. The children have even created their very own books that will be displayed in our entrance hall!

Friday 16th October 2015:

Mrs George has started a serious of assemblies that will continue into next term on British Values and with the children she will unpick what these are and how we will promote them in our school.


Wednesday 9th September 2015:

The children found out all about our longest reigning monarch today in assembly. Did you do anything special to celebrate?

Miss Terry went to a fabulous picnic on the beach and listened to some wonderful music through the ages.

Find out more about our Queen's 63 record reign. Click here!


How this is incorporated into our curriculum:


1. Democracy

  • School Council (voting for leaders)
  • Pupil votes
  • Pupil voice
  • Voting for House Captains

2. The Rule of Law

  • Visit by Magistrates/Police and Fire Service
  • School Rules
  • Classroom Rules (set by children)
  • Behaviour Policy
  • Golden times
  • Parent Rules
  • Headteacher Awards
  • Deputy Headteacher Awards


3. Individual Liberty

  • Opportunities to lead and support
  • Planning of their own curriculum
  • Child Initiated Play in Early Years
  • Learning Diaries in Early Years
  • Behaviour choices
  • After school clubs
  • ICT lessons – E-safety


4. Mutual Respect

  • Encouraging mutual respect
  • Supporting peers
  • Staff modelling behaviour

5. Tolerance of different faiths and beliefs

  • RE lessons
  • PSHE lessons
  • Circle time
  • Displays
  • Assemblies
  • Governor diversity visits
  • Stories from a variety of faiths