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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!

Forest Blog

Year 4

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After recapping how trees help us the children got into pairs to Meet a Tree.

In this activity one person is blindfolded and must use their other senses to get to know their tree: hug it, smell it, feel for knots or branches, protruding roots, listen to leaves rustling.

The sight guide must ensure their partner feels safe by describing their way to the special tree they have chosen for them, via an indirect route.

“Meet a Tree felt good and I did not worry. I felt safe with my sight guide. He led me safely, told me the direction and was slow. I found my tree and I got to know it. I knew which one it was. I felt it inside. I just knew it.” (Ayden)

In last week’s session a number of children made potions with herbs from the herb garden and aromatic flowers from the allotment and today they developed this learning with added citrus scents, herbal and floral aromas.

Didi has an especially fine ‘nose’ and will make an excellent perfumer.

The children also made soothing, calming bags with dried lavender.

“We are using citrus fruits for an energising  perfume.” (Eden)

“I have put ginger, lemon and orange in a perfume bottle. It is quite pungent and reminds me of Christmas.” (Didi)

“So does mine! Do you want to smell? It’s called Jolly Christmas.” (Eden)

Year 4

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Such a wonderful session with Year 4 today.

Badges this term are: conservation, campsite cooking and advanced gardener and the class science link is Living Things and Their Habitats.

Today we explored all our different habitats and we will be classifying animals, taking a trip to local woodland to make shelters and creating a book about British Trees, including photos, uses, facts, folklore, leaf and bark rubbings.

The children also directed their own learning and were very absorbed.

“I got some sticks off the floor to make his hair and I put a rubber band to help his arms stay.” (Freya)

 “I’ve made a monster and used different leaves for his hair.” (Jessie)

“I’m making perfume and have used yarrow, cornflower and lemon balm.” (Romi)

“I’m making a bug hotel and I’ve made different layers. At the bottom I put wood and then I put some sandy mud and some damp mud. Then I decorated the top with berries and carrots.” (Eden)

“Look! I’ve printed different leaves into the clay.” (Jessie)

Year 3

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Great to welcome Year 3 back!

Badges this term are: biodiversity, shelter building, basic knots and gardening.

Links will be made with class science: Animals Including Humans, focusing on nutrition and animal skeletons.

So much going on this week as children direct their learning:

“I want to make a bracelet and necklace and go home as nature.” (Suffian)

“I’m making this box made from wood slices for my mum because my granddad passed away. I’m going to put special things inside.” (Sophie)

Lewis looks at dandelion through magnifying glass and takes  a photograph.

 Honey, Zienna. Fergus and Vienna were looking closely at a caterpillar.

“I made a baby with an umbrella.” (Vienna)

“We’re making an elf and fairy village” (Anna May)

“We’re making a hatch for our den, in case we are attacked.” (Jayden)

“I’m making a DIY tent chosen from a book. Look, I did it!”

Reception Class

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This week we were amazed to find a letter with a map and riddles that led us to treasure.

It was from the Talking Tree and the chickens, who laid the children chocolate eggs!

Some of their questions about butterflies were answered and we also went exploring the cabin and the allotment.

On Friday the children will be following a different trail at Bedgebury to find the Gruffalo.

For free choice, some of the children made a character from the story out of the clay, others dug up weeds or wrote a thank you letter.

Reception Class

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Emily brought in a Painted Lady butterfly that she had raised from a caterpillar.

Last term in class the children read The Very Hungry Caterpillar and they remembered so much about the lifecycle of a butterfly.

After a really good look we released it and said some lovely words to send it on its way.

They were very curious and wrote questions to leave with the Talking Tree.

Fingers crossed they will receive answers next week!

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