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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

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Friday 2nd December

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We learned how to make a bird feeder and also learned what different birds eat and what they sound like.

We also learned that birds don’t really get any water because the water freezes over in winter.

They migrate and go south because it is warmer down there and there is also more water because it isn’t frozen over.

We made them bird feeders. The animal fat worked as a sort of glue to hold the seeds, meal worm and millet together.

Priscilla, Year 5


“We were digging today and found lots of worms. They live between 4 and 5 years. They have segments and a pink saddle. This helps them to move. They don’t have lungs and breathe out of their skin. They eat a lot and turn it into compost, so we collected some to put in our new compost area.”

Oliver N and CJ, Year 5


Wednesday, 30th November

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Year 2 are learning about birds as well and were supported in different activities by five pupils from Sutton Valence Independent School.

Will, Sam, Naomi, Lara and Till support the children’s learning every Wednesday afternoon.

Today’s activities included: finding a sit spot; identifying birds; making cone feeders using lard and bird food and playing games on the RSPB web site to help extend and consolidate their knowledge.

They also supported us with making crafts, Christmas cards and food to sell in our school shop.

Friday, 25th November

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Today we were really lucky because Olya Stevens (Elysia and Mikey’s mum) came in and taught us some yoga. We learned that if you do it regularly you can forget anything stressful. It made most of us feel really energised and ready for what we were going to do next. It helped us with the next activity, birdwatching.

We had to stay very still and watch all the birds and then had to identify them. We did this by looking at their shape, call, behaviour, colour and beak. We are preparing for the RSPB school bird watch. Other people made informative bird posters so that people have more of an idea what the bird is when they spot it.

Scarlett, Year 5

We also learned how to use a bow saw and bill hook. Dylan and Cameron then used wood slices to create landscape drawings using crayons.

A huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to our fabulous dinner ladies

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A huge ‘THANK YOU!’ to our fabulous dinner ladies, Miss Hunt and Miss Penfold, for such a wonderful decorative workshop today. Miss Hunt brought in an assortment of floral and wooden crafts and materials: miniature baskets and woven rings; a variety of adornments; containers and oasis and so much more -  three long tables worth in fact! The children spent time exploring and after an introduction and demonstration they were off. They made imaginative and creative, festive offerings and were totally engaged, even those who initially thought that they might not be. Most items sold out in the shop that day, so parents and children clearly appreciated what they had made.

Mrs Haynes was busy in the kitchen making assorted fruit (from our allotment) muffins with the children. After an essential tasting session they got the thumbs up.

Shop Opening Day!

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We launched our forest school shop this week and WOW what a turnout!

Thank you to everyone for coming along and supporting us. 

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