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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!

Forest Blog

Wednesday, 3rd June - Jonah’s chicken bridge

admin on: Forest Blog

Jonah and his dad kindly made a bridge for the chickens to go over, under and even through (before they get too big!).

Chickens are curious and also like to be entertained and have a variety of things to do.

They were certainly curious when Jonah laid it down but didn’t venture on it.

In the morning it was covered with poop, hurray!

Living on the Fledge

admin on: Forest Blog

Today two fledglings sought freedom for the first time and tried out their wings.

We could not see the mother or father but we knew they were there, watching.

It is common for chicks to spend time on the ground initially as they wait for their feathers to grow and practice flying.

Their parents bring them tasty morsels and teach them how to do this for themselves, how to spot danger and hide fast.

They’ve got a lot of learning to do and the best thing we could do was to leave them alone.

The children insisted we bring them food and water first.

Friday, 22nd May - First of the Radishes

admin on: Forest Blog

These ones were extra long!

The Green Man: environmental guardian and keeper of forests and woods

admin on: Forest Blog

In Celtic mythology the Green Man is a god of spring and summer who disappears and returns year after year.


admin on: Forest Blog

Hi Mrs Bell

I have just seen your blogs on trees.  I just wanted to say that I have just planted a Salix in my gardent.  It is really pretty do you or the children know the other name it is known by?  

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