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Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!


Year 6

Posted: Mar 5, 2023 by: Tara (Tara) on: Forest Blog

Huge thanks to Year 6 for getting the allotment and surrounding area ready for spring.

We are good to go now and next week will start sowing some of the seeds, kindly donated by George’s (Year 6) grandmother.

There was some heavy work involving moving the stumps with rope and rebuilding the rockery but they all got stuck in!

Esmae and Libby said, “We had to get all the rocks out, some were buried deep. We thought about making an Egyptian tomb but there was nothing underneath to make it stable. We are going to plant herbs in the new areas.”

John mentioned, “We had to work as a team. Isla wedged in the spade and then we all lifted it together.”

“We had to take away the grass to help the edible hedge grow. It is young and we do not want it to be in competition with anything for water or nutrients. Then we covered it with mulch and leaves to add goodness to the soil”, voiced Kristian.

We’ve also been learning about Climate Change, the causes of and effects of, and most importantly: what we can do about it.

After research the children chose how they wanted to present their learning.

Their posters, poems, logos and recommendations will be displayed on the Eco board.

Next week, we will be hoping for a sunny day so we can get started with the solar panels.

The project this term is all about the pond: clearing it out; building a solar fountain but also designing and creating a mural, with Year 2.

Our school art specialist, Miss Tracey, will be helping with this, which is great.