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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Earth Class


In September, our school was asked to take part in a promotional video for Wilder Kent Awards. Please take a look at the video!


Friday, 25th November

Posted: Dec 1, 2016 by: Tara (Tara) on: Forest Blog

Today we were really lucky because Olya Stevens (Elysia and Mikey’s mum) came in and taught us some yoga. We learned that if you do it regularly you can forget anything stressful. It made most of us feel really energised and ready for what we were going to do next. It helped us with the next activity, birdwatching.

We had to stay very still and watch all the birds and then had to identify them. We did this by looking at their shape, call, behaviour, colour and beak. We are preparing for the RSPB school bird watch. Other people made informative bird posters so that people have more of an idea what the bird is when they spot it.

Scarlett, Year 5

We also learned how to use a bow saw and bill hook. Dylan and Cameron then used wood slices to create landscape drawings using crayons.