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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Welcome to the Venus Class Page

Class Teacher: Mrs Peach 

Teaching assistant: Mrs Clarke


The children loved dressing up for Halloween today and spent the afternoon making some fantastic Halloween crafts!

DT Day

On Friday and Monday we have had DT days. Our project has been to make a Robot with a moving part. On Friday we explored pneumatic systems and how air is used to make things move. We then designed our robot in groups. On Monday we got to make our Robots and everyone went for the pneumatic system with 2 syringes to make part of their robots head move. The children were very proud of their finished robots. I have seen some amazing team work, problem solving and idea generating over these 2 days. Well done to everyone!  


In art this term we have focused on drawing and the illustrator Chris Mould. We explored graded pencils and shading techniques. This built up to us each completing a section of the Iron Man picture. We then put all our pieces together to create a class master piece. The children and I are extremely proud of it. 

Iron Man

As part of our English lessons we explored writing and giving speeches. We pretended to be the ruler of mankind and wrote speeches to thank the Iron Man and the Space-angel-bat-dragon for saving the world at the end of the book. Here are a few examples.

World Mental Health Day

Today we all wore yellow to show none of us are alone. In class we talked about our own wellbeing and what we could do to help someone feel better. We wrote these ideas or inspirational words to help increase our wellbeing. We created a Tree of Wellbeing.

Science Investigation

Today we conducted a science investigation to see if materials affect how fast an object can slide down a slide. We made predictions, wrote our method, tested our materials and then concluded our results. We explored how and why the different materials created different amounts of friction, which changed the speed the object went down the slide. 

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Iron Man

Our main text this term is The Iron Man by Ted Hughes. To start off our learning we had a surprise in class this morning.....the room was scattered with parts of an Iron Man! We collected them up and discussed what they might be. Then we put them together and have our own class Iron Man!

Brain Week

Here are some of the photos so far from our Brain Week where we have been exploring how our brain works and how we learn. We learnt lots of interesting facts about brain cells and made our own salt dough brain cells. Then we learnt what each side of the brain is responsible for and found out if we were more right brained or left brained. 

Glitter Bottles

We explored how sometimes we can feel overwhelmed, worried or stressed and it is hard to see clearly. Just like when you shake a glitter bottle. We explored ways in which we can help to calm and clear our minds. The glitter bottles are a way to help us clear our heads by watching the glitter settle our mind settles too.