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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.



At Sutton Valence Primary School, we are committed to supporting the emotional health and wellbeing of pupils and staff. We believe that as well as supporting children to be the best they can be academically, it is even more important to support children to be the best they can be both socially and personally. We consider wellbeing to be central to positive learning outcomes and a healthy and happy school experience. Therefore, we embed emotional and behavioural wellbeing and positive relationships throughout school life. This is achieved through various experiences and opportunities such as PSHE, assemblies, circle time, worry boxes and our hugely successful wellbeing weeks.

Through this page you will find examples and information about wellbeing in Sutton Valence Primary School as well as some websites and documents you may find useful.

The children have settled well back into school into their new year groups. Each class choose thier class names and have created their team flags.

Year R: Team Paddington

Year 1: Rainbow Team

Year 2: Team Sunshine

Year 3: Team Creators

Year 4: Team Courage

Year 5: Fantastic Five

Year 6: Mythical Masterminds

What Went Well Displays

 At the end of each week to promote Wellbeing every class explores “What went well”. There is good research behind it as a valid way to improve wellbeing, to make you feel better about yourself and the world. It’s a form of positive thinking. It is a very specific exercise to recognize and acknowledge three things that went well this week – even if some other things went badly. As part of this we explore what character strengths were involved in these good things such as, curiosity, appreciation, creativity, humour or kindness. 

A random act of kindness is a non-premeditated, inconsistent action designed to offer kindness towards the outside world. Please use the blog below to record any acts of kindness that either you have done or you have seen being done. Below are some ideas to get you going.


Acts 0f Kindness

Posted: Mar 5, 2021 by: Rebecca Parsons (rparsons) on: Random Acts of Kindness

Please write up any random acts of kindness you do yourself or see others doing. Lets make someone's day and spread a smile.


Milenna Apr 27, 2021

On Easter my mummy found out that a lady that lives near us was doing an Easter egg hunt and you had to ask her for a number and that’s what my mummy did we got number four and what we had to do was print out a number 4 and colour it on then stick it to our window and we went round finding all the numbers on people’s windows.

Madison Apr 20, 2021

Over the Easter holidays I made some "kindness logs" (small log discs) - I painted them bright colours and wrote thoughtful messages on them. Mummy and I then did a number of different walks around our local area, hanging them on trees and leaving them in places for others to find. Even my big sister got involved which was fun! I still have more to hang up, and we take them every time we go walking somewhere new. I even hung some around Mote Park! I also baked and decorated three big chocolate cakes which we delivered to our village doctors surgery, Maidstone police station and Maidstone fire station. I put silver balls on top of the cakes to spell out "thank you", to thank these people for looking after us as part of their everyday lives and jobs. I was a bit nervous about delivering them but people were so kind and amazed at my cakes - I had my photo taken with the receptionist at the doctors surgery and they put it on their Facebook account! And at the fire station, as a thank you for my cake, they gave me a tour and even let me sit in the cab of a fire engine! I felt really good for helping to make people smile and for saying thank you to them. I have really enjoyed making the kindness logs and cakes and it has definitely made me feel more positive too!

Jessie P Apr 19, 2021

Jessie went on a litter pick round our local area in the Easter holidays. We do this once a month can never believe the amount of litter we manage to pick up! This time there was broken pieces of an old lawn mower scattered along the walk. Jessie loves doing this and always makes her feel good knowing how much nice our local area looks and helping the wildlife too!

Madison Mar 30, 2021

Yesterday, me and my mummy went litter picking in my local area. We walked just over a mile and a half and collected two big black sacks full of rubbish! I could not believe the things we found - lots of plastic wrap, drink cans, junk food containers... we even found a glass lens that had fallen out of someone's glasses!! We took some photos which we will email to the school office. I felt really good doing the litter picking and we picked up so much stuff that my mummy and me decided we will do it regularly around the village where I live.

Below are some pictures of the Kindness displays being created around school to promote and encourage children to complete random acts of kindness to each other. Please click on the images to enlarge them.

Useful Websites

Go noodle - YouTube
Hundreds of brainercise, dancing, strength & mindfulness videos- just for fun


Teachappy- YouTube

Mindfulness exercises and challenges

Edinburgh Zoo-live feeding
Click on the link to see animals being fed live

Children’s Newsround 

keeps children up to date with the world around them, creating opportunities to talk about the news


Cosmic Yoga- YouTube

Yoga Videos for children aged 3+

Useful Links

 5 Ways to wellbeing at home.pdfDownload
 Adult Wellbeing Ideas.pdfDownload
 mindfulness-calendar-daily-5-minute-activities (1).pdfDownload
 The 30-Day Positivity Challenge (A4).pdfDownload
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