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Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Our Class is now known as Earth!

Class Teacher: Miss Coleman

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs Cordrey/Miss Heath

NOTICE TO PARENTS: Please do not drive into school and park up to drop your child off. There is a car park just up the road by the village hall which you can park in and take a walk down into school. The driveway is for children being dropped off and walking into school independently without the car stopping for a period of time and blocking the entrance and exit. This is for the safety of all children and adults. Thank you.

Please remember to name all belongings and bring in a water bottle daily. PE will take place every Tuesday in the afternoons and we will be completing the Balance, Education and Movement (BEAM) program. Please make sure your child has their P.E kit.

Term 6 Newsletter!

I hope you all had a good first week back after a lovely Easter Break! The newsletter for this terms topic is below, please take a look! This term we will be changing books on a Monday and Thursday. This is to encourage reading and talking about the story in more detail. The story can be read more than once and written down in the yellow reading record. Please try and leave a positive comment how you felt your child read the story and how well they understood it. You can ask questions such as who were the main characters, where was the story set, How did the story make you feel, if the story continued what d you think would happen? All these questions are important to gain a wider understanding of literacy rather than just blending and reading words. If other books or reading materials are read at home by the child then they can also be included in the yellow reading record! 

Colourful Semantics downloadable document

Meet the Hedgehogs!
Meet the Hedgehogs!

Myself and Mrs.Cordrey hope you have had a wonderful half term and are ready to come back and learn lots of new things. We will be starting a new topic called MOON ZOOM! This will be a great chance for us to also explore Pluto, which is now the new name for our class!

Week Commencing 14.01.19

This week we have been focusing on the story 'The 3 little pigs!' We have been re telling the story using story spoons and the puppet theatre but also making our own puppets. We have been remembering and using lots of repeated refrains from the story such as: ''I'll huff and i'll puff and i will blow your house down.'' Also ''Not by the hair on my chiny, chin, chin.'' We have also been looking at story sequences and cutting out pictures and sticking them in the right order so the story made sense. We also started to look at story maps and how they tell a story from pictures and key words. Some of us tried to make our own story maps of 'The 3 little pigs.' At the end of the week we also read a story which had been written by the Big bad wolf and was a different version of the story. Ask us about it. We had to decide who we thought was telling the truth but the majority of us still believed the 3 little pigs!

We have also been busy building different structures outside to help the 3 little pigs in finding new materials and ways to build strong, safe houses!

In maths we have been continuing securing our numbers to 10 and making sure we write the numerals the right way round! We have used numicon a lot this week to order from 1-10 but also 10-1 and exploring the patterns they create when in order. We also have been introduced to MathsWhizz and all had a turn to understand what it was. This online maths programme will be used in school but is available to be used at home to secure overall maths knowledge and to be able to put knowledge into practice. Please see Miss. Coleman if there are any issues with MathsWhizz at home.

Writing this week has been very creative and colourful! We have been using colourful semantics cards which are related to our story of the week; 'The 3 little pigs' and have been building sentences from the story. We have then been telling them to each other to see if we recognise which part of the story they come from. We then used orange, yellow and green pens to write out sentences but making sure we used the correct colour for each part of our sentence!

On Friday we arrived to find empty bowls and a station off different size containers, jugs, pots, bowls and spoons. There was also water, porridge oats and ready break. We took it in turns to explore this station and make porridge for the three bears.

Ted: I'm making porridge for Daddy Bear because I'm using the biggest bowl.

Victoria: Mine is smaller than Ted's bowl so mine can be for Mummy Bear.

Milly: I'm making Baby Bear's porridge in the small bowl.

Frankie: My porridge is getting thick!


We have been recapping numbers to 10 this week and trying to write the correct formation of each number. We have been:

  • Creating number lines using rulers and adding missing numbers.
  • Rolling dice and showing the number on a tens grid.
  • Matching numerals and amounts.
  • Counting out specific amounts of objects to 10.
  • Counting dots on lady birds and gingerbread men and selecting the correct numeral on the interactive whiteboard.
  • Choosing a number between 1-10 and adding the correct amount of sports on the lady bird.


We have recapped colourful semantics and how we can use the different cards to help us build, verbalise and write sentences. There is a downloadable document on this page which explains what colourful semantics is and how we use it in class.

We have been writing in speech bubbles the things that characters have said.

Alexander: Baby Bear says: 'Who is sleeping in my bed'

Aimee: Goldilocks says: 'It is too hot.'

Topic this week was based around the stories; Little Red Riding Hood and Goldilocks and The Three Bears. We have been re-telling the stories through story spoons, puppets and sequencing pictures. Focus topic work has been talking about front covers of books and what should be on them and why.

Romi - The writing tells us what the story is called.

Oscar - The pictures are about the book, there's 3 bears on Goldilocks and the three bears because they are in the story.

We then designed our own front covers based on our favourite story from home or school. We used our phonics to sound out and write the title on them too.

Week Commencing 07.01.19

Hedgehogs have had a brilliant first week back at school showing a positive attitude to their learning! We have also had a new Hedgehog start with us who doesn't speak much English however everyone has been a great friend by supporting him and encouraging him to join in! Please do not forget P.E Kits for next Wednesday as BEAM will be continuing. Our topic this term is called: Will you read me a story? The newsletter for this can be found a little further down the page.

Week Commencing 03.12.18

This week we have been recapping all the things we have been learning this term! We have focused on answering our topic question: Why do squirrels hide their food? We have also been writing shopping lists for ingredients to make squirrel muffins to hang outside!

We researched what things squirrels like to eat and decided we would make squirrel muffins! We have hung them outside and are watching to see if any squirrels visit us!

Jacob - I wrote what we used - lard, berries, raisins and bread.

Oscar - I wrote that we had to mix all the ingredients together.

Maths - Finding the total!!

In maths this week we have been learning about totals. We have been finding the total of 2 numbers and amounts by counting altogether. We started the week by having 2 hoops with cubes in each. We counted how many was in each hoop then counting altogether.

Archie - If we take them out the hoops and put them together it's easier to count altogether.

We got the hang of finding the total by counting altogether so we started to play a game by rolling two dice and having to find the total of them both. We had to practise counting the dots on each dice them counting them altogether. We used paper to draw dots from the dice to count them altogether a bit more easily. We was able to play this game in pairs too!

Week Commencing 26.11.18

This week we had the challenge of listening to an audio book and making sure we listening carefully so we could describe the setting and the story after and draw a picture which we thought matched the story. It was called Squirrels Busy Day. This story helped us understand why squirrels find their food and hide it in the Autumn, ready for winter.

Jessica - They hide their food because there wont be any in the winter and they'll be too hungry. 

Using this story and colourful semantics we tried to verbalise and then write sentences relating to the story.

Oscar - The squirrel was climbing a tree.

Archie - The squirrels collected acorns.

Freya - The badger searched the bushes.

We also thought of different places that we could hide our acorns if we were squirrels and drew pictures to show,

Jacob - I'd hide them in a tree.

Keston - Under the ground and grass.

In maths we have continued working out 1 more and 1 less of numbers using a range of manipulative. We have been using grids to start with a total and show what is one more and one less. We have also used hoops to show which has more or less. As a class we played some games in a circle. We took it in turns to roll the dice to each other and the one who caught the dice had o say one more than the number rolled. We used the dice dots to count out then count on one more or back one less. We got so good at this game!

Week commencing 19.11.18

This week we have focused on our writing using our phonics to sound out and blend words. We have also been using our colourful semantics to build sentences first and them writing them independently. Ask us about colourful semantics!

Colourful semantics helps us remember a structure of a sentence. There are lots of things to remember so it is made up of different colours and signs. We learnt 'who' first which is orange. We then learnt 'What doing?' next. What doing is yellow. For example : Mum is eating. Mum is the who and eating is the what doing.  We have lots of different word cards to build sentences and verbalise them. Our challenge is to then write our sentences using our phonic knowledge.

This week in maths we have been learning about 'more' and 'fewer/less.' We have been finding 1 more and 1 less of a number using cubes and other manipulatives.

Oscar - one more is the next number and one less is the number before it.

We used numicon to show this by ordering the numicon then working out one more and one less on cubes and seeing whether it was the same numicon before and after in the number line. Oscar was right!

We have also looked at which number and amount is more and less. For this we used scales to see which group of cubes was heavier/ lighter. 

Victoria - If its heavier then it goes down which means it has the most.


Week Commencing 12.11.18

This week was anti bullying week and there was a focus on respect. We took part in lots of activities within Key Stage 1 to support our understanding of what bullying is and how we can stop it! As a Key stage we created a friendship wreath by drawing around each other's hand and writing ways in which we can be a good friend. It looks amazing on display! 

In maths this week we have been learning about money and the worth of items. We began looking at 1p and learning that this is the lowest amount in a coin. We then moved onto a 2p and 5p finding out how many pennies in each.

Romi = 5 pennies make 5p.

Oscar - 2p is the same as a 1p and a 1p. 

We used real 1p and 2p coins to work out how much money we had. 

Victoria - I'm drawing pennies in a purse. I have 6 pennies so that is 6p.

Topic Work!

In topic this week we have been learning about hedgehogs, how and why they hibernate and lots of different things about them; ask us for more! We watched a short film clip about hedgehogs to find out our information.

Freya - They are called hedgehogs because they stay by the hedges and snuffle like pigs.

Archie - They curl into a ball to protect themselves.

Milly - They are a bit prickly.

Jacob - They like eating worms and bugs!

We got to meet a real hedgehog! Miss Coleman has an African Pygmy Hedgehog called Betty! After meeting her we used clay to create our own hedgehog.

Week Commencing 05.11.18

This week we arrived to find lots of pumpkins and autumn treasures with a story called Pumpkin Soup. We explored all the items and decided to talk about how we could describe them and write down some descriptive words for them.

Jacob- The pumpkin is big.

Frankie - The sweetcorn is crunchy when I put them together.

Jessica - They're hard.

Rafferty - The pumpkins are orange.

This week in Maths we have been exploring 2D shapes in more detail, drawing them independently and using rulers to create the straight lines. We have also been describing them using mathematical terms:

Oscar - A rectangle has 2 long sides and 2 short sides.

Romi - A circle has one curved side.

Freya - A square has 4 sides the same.

Frankie - A triangle has 3 sides.

Pumpkin Soup!

Just like in our story of the week we have used a large pumpkin to make pumpkin soup to try! We made a list of the ingredients we needed using the story to help us, then we decided how we would make it, again using the instructions from the story. We worked together to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin and chopped into small pieces. We watched it cook in the pot and then blended it down. We dressed up nice a warm and went outside to try our pumpkin soup in the woods!

Week Commencing 29.10.18

This week we have started to learn about a new topic relating to Autumn; Why do squirrels hide their food? We begun our week by pairing up and going on an autumn walk collecting objects and completing a spotting sheet with all the things we saw. We also watched a video about Why squirrels need to hide their food and why they collect their nuts in Autumn. We had group discussions about autumn and the things we had observed on our autumn walk

Oscar - I didn't pull anything off the trees, only picked things off the ground.

Romi - We didn't find any acorns or nuts - i think the squirrels already got them all!

Frankie - The trees are all rough and bumpy.

Charlie - i found some bird feathers.

Freya - some of the pine cones are prickly.

We all showed each other the autumn things we collected and created lots of describing words for them. We then used our autumn finds to create a picture in our pairs.

Freya = I made a house and Aimee made the person who lives there!

Romi = We tried different things but we ended up making a aeroplane. Keston = It's a Typhoon!

29.10.18 - Term 2: Why Do Squirrels Hide Their Food?

Please see this terms newsletter with all the information about our new topic!

Week Commencing 15.10.18 

For the last week of term we have been talking about the things we have learnt and showing our skills. We have continued learning about 2D shapes in maths and finding ways to describe the shapes. i.e A square has 4 sides the same length. In phonics we have continued to practice our sounding out and blending of small words, then moving on to form each letter and words clearly. We have seen some amazing progress with both writing and reading!!

As it was the last week of this topic we also invited a family member in to create a hand print with us. As a class we took a vote and decided to make salt dough which we could then roll out, print our hands into and bake until hard. We measured out and made our dough ready for when our family member arrived. We had a great afternoon making the hand prints and showing off all the things we have been learning and made throughout this topic. thank you all for coming!

Week Commencing 08.11.18

This week we have been learning about 'People who help us!'' We watched a short clip about different job roles which are there to help us and different ways we could help each other. During the week we have been role playing different job roles such as fire fighters, police and teachers. We read the book 'TinyVille town gets to work'' which was all about different people and their jobs which work together to build a bridge to support the town.

Charlie - 'They all helped build the bridge.''

Rafferty - 'The old bridge was too small so they build a bigger one.''

Victoria - ''I can build a bridge with my friends too.''


We have been using our phonics and sound buttons to sound out and blend small words using all the sounds be have learnt. We have also been practising forming these letters using a range of materials such as pencils, whiteboards and pens, chalk, in the sand and using large letter cards to build words.It is important to sound out and recognise the sounds in a word before blending it. Just keep practising!

Maths this week we have moved onto 2D shapes! We have been exploring what a 2D shape is, how it looks and the mathematical names. We have been going on shape hunts, finding objects around the environment which match the shapes; Square, triangle, rectangle and circle. We also used lots of different shapes to create a big picture. 

Jacob -'I made a dinosaur with Alexander!'

Freya - ''I made a house with a flower in the garden and a sun and a bird.''


We have been on the look out for bugs and insects in our bug investigation area. We have built a 'bug hotel' using lots of different sticks, twigs, pebbles and pine cones. We used magnifying glasses, bug containers with viewers and tweezers to collects the things we find and to have a look at. We also put the slugs and worms onto black paper to see the trails they made.

Jacob - ''He's got 8 legs my spider has.''

Ted - ''We have to pick them up carefully.''

Romi- ''The slugs are all slimy!''

Alexander - ''They look big through the holes in the box.''

Week Commencing 01.10.18

 This week we have been exploring the meaning of LOVE! We started our week with the story 'Guess how much I love you?' which gave us lots of reasons and ways in which we could show love. We all came together to look at lots of different baby pictures of ourselves and tried to guess who was who. Some f them we were able to guess but some were more difficult! We also looked through family pictures and talked about who was important and special to us. On Friday we celebrated Grandparents day where some of our grandparents were able to come and visit us in class and see what we get up to! Thank you to all the grandparents who came to see us, it was a brilliant turn out and we hope you enjoyed your day as much as we did! 

During maths we have been using number cards, cubes, counting bears and numicon to show an order of numbers from 1-5. We have also explored a Tens Grid which enables us to show a specific number in a very visual way. Each grid represents 1 so if 5 squares are covered using counters then we know we are showing 5. In time we will be able to use the tens grid to show how many more we need also which two numbers add together to make 10!

Week Commencing 24.09.18

This week we have been learning about and explore our thoughts and feelings. We started off by reading our book of the week which made us think about how we feel but how others are feeling. The story was called Lost and Found by Oliver Jeffers - ask us what it was about! We also watched a clip from 'Inside Out' and had group discussions about what things makes us feel different emotions.

Freya - I'm happy when Ellie and Connie play nicely with me.

Jacob - I get angry when my head goes under water in swimming.

Archie - My brothers make me laugh a lot!

Romi - I sometimes get scared when its really dark in my room.

During phonics we have been taking turns with the sound bag! We create a short song to sing as we passed the bag around: ''sound bag sound bag, what's inside today?'' The person who has the bag pulls out a picture and has to find the correct starting sound and put it into the correct hoop.                                                        For example: Pig - goes in the hoop with the P.

Maths - we have been finding different ways to show numbers 1-5 in and out of sequence. We have used the song '5 little speckled frogs' to create our own puppets and re-enact the song! This is getting us used to numbers before and after when 1 is taken away or added. 

Week Commencing 17.09.18

This week we have completed lots of work around our topic; Will you be my friend? We have done this through our book of the week: Rainbow Fish! This has led us onto discussing what a good friend is and how we can be good friends to one another. Rainbow fish influenced our opinions on what a good friend should be!

Frankie: Say please and thank you.

Keston: Share our toys.

Freya: Help someone if they fall over.

Charlie: Play with everyone.

Jessica: Be kind and helpful.

We have been creating our own rainbow fish to remind us to be a good friend. We used different colour paints and used our fingers to print scales. Our fish look bright and colourful!

In maths we have been practising our numbers to 10, recognising the numerals, ordering, counting out a specific amount of objects and writing the numerals ourselves! We have tried really hard and have some amazing work for our learning journals. 

We have started phonics lessons and have been developing our listening and attention skills. We have been listening and recognising different sounds in and around our environment and pairing them with the correct pictures. We have moved onto rhyming words which we have really got the hang of!
Freya: Cat and Mat

Jacob: Dog and Log

Ted: Fox and Box.

Hedgehog Class have spent the last 2 weeks settling into school life and have done so extremely well! Both myself and Mrs. Cordrey are very proud. We have a lovely confident class with lots of friendships blossoming. Over the next term will we will be focusing on friendships and families throughout our topic. You can find out more about the topic and what we hope to achieve through the newsletter which is available to be downloaded below.