Sutton Valence Primary School,
North St, Maidstone, Kent ME17 3HT

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Sutton Valence Primary School


Our mission is to ensure we all participate in the constant quest of knowledge, learning and adventure so that each individual can build upon their core strengths to aspire to make a real difference.

Wider Curriculum


Through our wider curriculum, we wish to inspire, engage and challenge the children’s thoughts, actions and understanding. Our wider curriculum includes Geography, History, Music, Art, D&T and Computing and is taught through our adapted Cornerstone’s themes to enable children to see links between different subjects to embed learning.

Our vision is for our children to move onto secondary school with the firm understanding and knowledge of their place in the world and the history that has lead us to this point. We wish for all children to be inquisitive about the world and historical events in order to develop their own knowledge and understanding. With that in mind, we have used the National Curriculum and adapted Cornerstones to create our own progressive Geography and History knowledge and skills based objectives that will enable children to build upon prior knowledge of the world and local history and make links between different times and places.

Art is an important part of life at Sutton Valence, every term each year group works together to produce a piece of art work for the school environment based on artists linked to their theme. Each term has a focus on different art skills to ensure that progression is taught and can be evidenced throughout the school and across year groups. Children are inspired by artists and motivated by the knowledge that their final piece will be displayed. Through the practise and application of these skills children are able to contribute and produce art of a high standard. D&T is closely linked to our Forest school with the planning and evaluating elements taking place in the classroom and the product development taking place during Forest school. This enables children to see that their skills and knowledge can be applied to learning inside and outside the classroom.

At Sutton Valence, we believe that it is important to celebrate everyone’s musical ability which we do through a whole school and individual piece music festival during the summer term for parents to attend. We hire a professional stage and crew to man this so that our end product is celebrated by the whole community at an evening event. Alongside this we have various assemblies and musical performances throughout the year. This not only inspires other children but also builds confidence for all children to feel comfortable to perform in front of an audience. Music lessons are taught to encourage children to be active listeners to, evaluate and create different styles of music inspired by different times and places. We also believe in giving children the opportunity to explore and learn different instruments such as the guitar, piano and the drums in one-to-one lessons.

Our vision is that all children will have the expertise to use technology in their learning throughout their lives. Through the teaching of various computer based skills such as coding and word processing we hope that we inspire children to see the possibilities and advantages that technology has to offer.