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Dance is on a Thursday and netball is on a Friday afternoon. Please ensure your child has 

Year 4 - Owls

Welcome to Owls Class page. The teacher is Miss Bryant and our teaching assistants are Mrs Ambrose and Miss Brown. 

Traders and Raiders (Term 4) 

This term the children will be exploring the Dark Ages. They will learn about the Anglo-Saxons, the Vikings and how they changed Britain. Pupils will start the term by taking part in an Anglo-Saxon Day with a specialist teacher. They will then write a recount of the day, showing what they have learnt. The children will then learn about the legend of King Arthur. They will retell this legend in the form of a comic strip. Pupils will then use what they have learnt to write their own legend by creating characters, settings and plot. They will use their research and teamwork skills to gather interesting facts about the Anglo-Saxons and the Vikings and present these facts to the class. The children will end the term by becoming an Anglo-Saxon or a Viking.


Book fair competition.

Our book fair is coming soon! It will be open each
morning before school and straight after school
from Monday 19th until Thursday 22nd March. We are also launching a competition. The winners will get a £5.00 voucher that will be able to use at the book fair. The deadline for the entries is on Thursday 15th March. 


Year 3 and 4


Choose a book that you have read and that you enjoyed. Write a book review which will make other children want to read it! Use a template provided by the teacher or be creative and design your own. There will only be one winner out of the two year groups. The winner will get a £5.00 voucher to use at the book fair.

Your book review should include:

  • The title
  • Name of the author and illustrator
  • A summary of the main events (don’t give away the ending).
  • Your opinion / rating and reasons for it.
  • Anything else you think will make other children want to read the book.




Home learning ideas

Please find attached a list of activities linked to this term's theme that your child could do at home. Pupils will be rewarded with house points for completing some of these tasks. Their work will be displayed near our theme working wall for all the other children to see. Pupils will also be encouraged to share their work with the rest of the class and explain what they have learnt. 


Here are some interesting links you could use at home:

Anglo-Saxon Day 

Roman battle formations. 


The Testudo 

The Repel-Cavalry

The Orb 

Listen to our class song! 

The children have been very busy writing their lyrics for their class song. They used the music from the Jungle Book and counted the number of syllables in each verse to make sure the lyrics matched the original music. They have now officially recorded their song as a single entitled, Us Owls Are Great. 



Us Owls Are Great 

Now we’re the kings and queens of the school,

The cool school VIP,

Did all our work, and had to stop,

Owls sing so you can see


Chris is a maths master in class

Ryan is a good friend

Harry is very good at maths

Caleb, telling the time.


Us owls are great,

Rory’s guitar goes ding,

Oscar and Riaz can draw anything,

Chloe runs, like a wild cheetah,

Our class is so, sooo talented.


Alfie’s pen dances on the page,

Junior runs like the wind,

Isaac’s guitar, sings like a star

Isabelle and Josh like to draw


Alex strums his guitar

Laura paints like an artist

Tuppence dances like an angel

Toby’s pen sings poems.


Us owls are great,

Rory’s guitar goes ding,

Oscar and Riaz can draw anything,

Chloe runs, like a wild cheetah,

Our class is so, sooo talented.


Shayleigh is such a dazzling dancer,

Deniz is a crazy creator

Gabbs is great at drawing pictures

Jack is a super swimmer


Kenzie has powers of dancing

Luke is great at running

Harry kicks the ball like fire

Ella paints like an artist.


Us owls are great,

Rory’s guitar goes ding,

Oscar and Riaz can draw anything,

Oscar and Riaz can draw anything,


Louis can give a music tour,

Carter can run down the wing and score,

Ryan can do an amazing stunt,

Jadon can draw a pencil that’s blunt


All our pens dance across the paper,

Beware, you’ll see something later,

Do you like, our amazing class song?

Do you like, our amazing class song?

Do you like, our amazing class sooooong?

Times Tables 

By the end of Year 4, the children need to know all their times tables, up to the 12 times table. Please encourage your child to practise their times tables by saying them aloud in the car, at the shop – as much as possible to support their mental maths development. 

Click here to play Hit The Button, a great game for developing their mental maths fluency!