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Welcome to Woodpecker's Page

Athletics is on a Thursday morning, which is outdoor PE. Please make sure your child has full PE kit, including trainers, and also brings a hat for the hot weather.

Please also ensure your child brings a water bottle to school daily.

This term, Year 3 have Swimming on Wednesdays.  Children need to bring swimwear, a towel and swim hat (if hair is long).  Googles are optional, arm bands are not needed.  If hair is long, it must be tied up, preferably in a bun.

Homework will be handed out on a Wednesday and must be returned on the following Monday

As a 'stunning start' to our theme this term we had a Water Activity Day on Monday 4th June.  In the morning we completed lots of water investigations, and in the afternoon we tried watercolour painting.

Have a look at our day below:

Our theme this term is "Flow" and is all about Rivers, Water and the Water Cycle.

See below for our Newsletter and some Homework ideas:

To celebrate the Royal Wedding, we had a Red, White and Blue Day at school.  We also had a school picnic on the field and played some activities in the afternoon.  Year 3 had the opportunity to try playing rounders - for some of us, this was a new experience.  We had a lot of fun and the Year 6's were very good teachers!  Here are some photos from our day:

We had lots of fun taking part in Forest School this term.  Have a look at what we got up to below!

Thank you to all the parents who came to share our learning on Thursday 24th May.  We enjoyed showing you what we had achieved as well as trying some Greek Food - we were fairly certain as to whether we loved or hated olives but there were mixed reviews about the feta cheese!

What an exciting Theme Gods and Mortals was!  We learned about:

  • Greek History and Culture
  • Greek Gods and Goddesses
  • Greek Myths and Legends
  • Greek Theatre
  • Greek Buildings and Art
  • Greek Food


Our favourite Greek Myth was Perseus and the Gorgon Medusa.  Have a look at the story below.

Our Theme this term is Gods and Mortals and is all about Ancient Greece!  Below is some information to get you started at home:

Here are some photos of us making our version of the Iron man using junk modelling.

Our Design Brief was that the Iron Man must be:

  • The height of a ruler or less
  • Made using junk modelling
  • The right colour to match the Iron Man
  • Able to stand up on it's own

It was a challenge but we were very happy with the finished result!

Unfortunately Year 3 will not be able to show their work to parents this term.  This is in part due to the snow days affecting our planned timetable, as well as other events.

This term, there have instead been other opportunities to see your child's work, including Open Thursday's, Mum's Day and Pupil Conferencing.  Work from our Theme will also be on this website at the end of term.

There will be an in-school event next term to showcase the children's work.

Year 3 took part in Skip 2 B Fit on Monday 12th March.  It was great fun!  Have a look at some of the photos of our fantastic skipping below!

We had Mum's Day on Friday 9th March.  The children enjoyed sharing lots of different activities with their Mums.  Here are some pictures from the day...

Miss Bryant has an exciting competition running across the school!  Here are the details:

Year 3 and 4

Choose a book that you have read and that you enjoyed. Write a book review which will make other children want to read it! Use a template provided by the teacher or be creative and design your own. There will only be one winner out of the two year groups. The winner will get a £5.00 voucher to use at the book fair.
Your book review should include:
· The title
· Name of the author and illustrator
· A summary of the main events (don’t give away the ending).
· Your opinion / rating and reasons for it.
· Anything else you think will make other children want to read the book.


Good luck!

We had a later than planned World Book Day on Wednesday 7th March.  What amazing costumes we we wearing!  Here are some of our characters from the day...

Please see this term's class Newsletter:

We are running two Themes this term:  Mighty Metals, which looks at Forces and Magnets, and Urban Pioneers, which looks at Urban Art.  Have at look at the ideas for Home Learning activities for both of these themes below.

Try out the Spelling Frame website for Key Stage 2 spelling practice.

Remember to continue to practice your times tables - x2,x3,x4,x5,x,8,x10

Try out Top Marks for practicing tables and other maths activities

We will be looking at explanation texts to start this term. Investigate the different ways you see explanations: TV adverts; books; magazines; leaflets etc.

What do they have in common?

On Thursday 11th January we had a "Rocks Day".  We learned lots about how rocks are made, how to identify rocks and even made our own fossils!  Here are some photos of our day:

'Twas the day before Christmas [Holidays], and all through the school, not a class was stirring... except Year 3, who had a Christmas Party and a chance to meet Santa!

Last term our Theme was Scrumdiddlyumptious!  We learned about predators, their habitats and characteristics which made them good at what they do, e.g. camouflage.  We had lots of fun trying to spot hidden animals in pictures!  We finished by creating a leaflet of our favourite predator, and then designing our own predator.

One of our teamwork activities for the term was to measure the length of a predator.  Miss Williamson gave each group only one metre stick and some cones, and we had to figure out how to measure our given animal.  The animals are listed below along with pictures of our measuring.  Can you work out which group measured which predator?

Killer Whale = 7 metres.

Great White Shark = 6 metres.

Wingspan of a Golden Eagle = 2.5 metres.

Cheetah = 1.5 metres.

Nile Crocodile = 4 metres.

Last term our Theme was Scrumdiddlyumptious!  We had lots of fun learning about food and Healthy Eating to share with you.  Have a look at the photos of our activities below:

On Grandparent's Day, we made ourselves healthy fruit salads!

We finished our term by making smoothies...

...which we then shared at a smoothie tasting session!

We also had Warburtons Bread company visit us.  We learned about Healthy Eating, food hygiene and even made our own sandwiches!




Some useful documents for this term

Click here for this term's newsletter.



Reading in Year 3

Click here to see how Book Banding works. 


Homework will be handed out on a Wednesday and must be returned on the following Monday



  • Please inform the school if your child needs to take any medication or is allergic to anything.
  • Please remind your child to bring their contact book, Reading Record and water bottle to class every day.