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Welcome to Hedgehog's page!

Class Teacher: Miss.Coleman

Class Teaching Assistant: Mrs.Cordrey



Healthy eating and drinking: We worked in small groups to show what a healthy and unhealthy lunch box would look like. We then shared our designs to the class. We used our knowledge of healthy food and drink to design and create our own healthy lunch boxes!

This week we have been focusing on different ways to ensure we stay healthy physically and mentally. We have taken part in morning exercise routines, runs and stretches. Shared skills with each other and taken part in experiencing a range of disabilities for a day. We then finished our week with sports morning where we all took part in a carosel of races and then relays in our houses.

Such a super busy week but it has been filled with some amazing learning experiences! Take a look at our pictures! 

Week Commencing 25.06.18

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind week!

We have decorated our own goblets, created our own crowns and baked our own cakes for our royal banquet to finish off our topic; Are dragons real?


We have been exploring wholes, halves and quarters of shapes and numbers. We have also been linking our findings; double 4 is 8. Half of 8 is 4. We also show our findings through 4+4=8.

Week commencing 18th June 2018

This week is the last week of our topic: Are dragons real? We will recap on this topic on our trip.... You never know we may see some real dragons!

Forest school is taking place on Fridays! Please make sure suitable clothing and footwear is worn.

On Friday 15th  we celebrated Dads Day! It was lovely to see some of our dads able to join in with our day to day activities and see our amazing work. Thank you, we hope you enjoyed it too! 

Ellie has shown us her achievements in Ballet! Well done Ellie you should be proud!
Ellie has shown us her achievements in Ballet! Well done Ellie you should be proud!

This week in maths we have been securing our knowledge of addition and subtraction ensuring we are confident to verbalise and show how and what addition and subtraction is in different ways. 

We have used scales and numicon to find different ways to make a total. We knew that 2+2 is the same as 1+3 because they both had the total of 4 as well as the scales being equal. We explored this method and extended our learning by writing down our findings on paper and whiteboards.

We also used cubes, counting bears and numicon to practice addition and subtraction sums and checking that our findings were correct. We again extended our learning by writing down our sums using the correct symbols. 

First experience in Forest School!

Hedgehog class have experienced their first session of forest school where they were able to meet the chickens and asks lots of different questions. 

Edward: We learnt to catch them and hold them so we didn't hurt them.

Mila: They had some eggs in their chicken coop which they laid today.

Hedgehogs also found some clues which led them to believe a dragon had been to forest school! There was also a story about a dragon which Ms Bell read to them in the outdoor space.

Noah: I found some dinosaur footprints in the mud, there was 3 toes! Then we found scratches on a tree, we tried to measure them to see if it was the dragons claws which made them.

Bike Ability!

Hedgehog class have shown their skills in listening, attention and movement this week during bike ability. Everyone was amazingly well behaved and deserved the certificates they received!

Edward - At the beginning I couldn't balance but I can now I practised.

Indi-May- I loved going fast, I really love the bikes!

Vinnie - Mark taught me to balance on the bike and now I can move around when I balance.

Mila - I'm really proud of myself, I thought it was going to be scary but I really liked it.

The first week of Term 6 Hedgehog class will be taking part in a bike ability course within school! I'm sure the children will have lots of fun whilst developing their balance, movement and listening skills! Keep a look out for pictures of our week!

Term 6!

We are now in the final term of our time in reception class and what a journey we have had so far! This is a longer term so we will be having two topics which we will be exploring. We are starting with; 'Do Dragons Exist?'   

On Friday we wore red white and blue to school to celebrate the royal wedding. We also had a picnic in the beautiful sunshine followed by an afternoon of team games all organised by the year 6 children. We had an amazing time and had lots of fun. Mrs. Cooper also made us a cupcake each!

Ronnie -  The year six children had really good games to play with us.

Edward - I like the parachute games!

Ellie - I am going to play some of these games at lunch time now I know them.

Emily  - Mrs.Coopers cupcakes were Delicious!

We have also been busy planting seeds and bulbs and writing labels so we know what is growing where. We look forward to seeing the changes over time!

Noah - ''We have to make sure we water them so that they grow.''

Week Commencing 14.05.18

This week we have been learning about ponds and what things live and grow, in and around them. Throughout the week we have been creating our own 3D ponds out of junk modelling and creating rules and instructions to follow when visiting and pond. We then went pond dipping in small groups to see what we could find! We then wrote about our favourite discovery; the newt was definitely a favourite! We also found some frogspawn which led us onto discussions about the life cycle of a frog! 

We have been working really hard to make our outdoor area a brilliant place to learn. We have been creating plans and we have put them into action as a team! We have:

  • Tidied our shed so we know where everything is.
  • Created a mud cafe.
  • Turned our tree into a thinking tree for us to have an area to be calm.
  • Dug up all our weeds to start our outdoor growing area.
  • Tidied up and got rid of all the rubbish in all our outdoor areas. 

During maths this week we have been exploring the worth of items and looking at the 1p ad 2p coin. We used Jack and the beanstalk as an example to what a fair trade would be. We learnt that Jacks mother was not happy because she though the Cow was worth more than beans so it was not a fair trade. We pretended to trade objects around our classroom and explain to each other the worth of something.

We have also used numicon to support our understanding of the worth of 1p and 2p coins. We have been buying objects using 1p coins and then finding different ways of buying objects using both 1p and 2p coins.

Week Commencing 07.05.18

This week our main focus on water is about staying safe around the different types of water we would experience! As the warmer weather arrives it is important for us all to know the dangers and how we can manage risk when visiting the beach, ponds, lakes or swimming pools!

We received a letter from Diver Dan who also left us a box of things he had found at the bottom of a cave. He asked us to become investigators and workout what the items were and what he should do with them. We looked at the items carefully and had lots of group discussions. We then wrote letters back to Diver Dan. Mila was fascinated by the Blue shiny shell pieces and spent a long time putting the pieces together. Mila wrote to Diver Dan about her discovery!

''When I put them altogether it makes a circle in the middle, maybe there is something missing!'' 

We have been learning about time this week. We have been creating our own clocks in groups using numicon and writing in our own numbers. We have learnt there are 12 hours on a clock and 24 hours in a day. Ellie told us that ''the clock goes around two times in a full day.'' We have been using clocks to set times and practice telling the time at either half past or o'clock. 

Week Commencing 30.04.18

 This week we have been focusing on the sea! We have been exploring descriptive words which we could use to describe sea animals. We have also designed our own sea creatures and some of us have been writing a story about them!

Jonah is proud to show off his hard work which has earnt him his new green stripe belt and certificate in Tae Kwon Do!
Jonah is proud to show off his hard work which has earnt him his new green stripe belt and certificate in Tae Kwon Do!

We have been learning about the capacity of different size containers this week. Not only did we use water but we found out that we could find the capacity of a container using objects such as counting bears. We recorded our findings to see which container held the most amount of bears!

We have been exploring different ways for water to travel using objects we found in our garden and shed. We worked together to create different ramps and took it in turns to put in or catch water.

Finding ways for water to travel.


For our next topic will be exploring water in its different forms. This topic will enable the children to gain knowledge and understanding on how important water is to us and the environment in many ways; as well as the need to be safe and sensible at all times around water.           

Don't forget to complete your Easter holiday journal to share the things you get up to!


Deadline for entries: 15th March.

Design a book front cover of your favourite character. You need to use an A4 sheet of paper. Make it look colourful!

The winner will get a £5.00 voucher to use at the book fair.

The book fair will be open each morning and after school from Monday 19th until Thursday 22nd March.

Skip to Be Fit!

On Monday 12th March we completed a skip to be fit challenge! Everyone in Hedgehog class tried their hardest and showed amazing determination and perseverance!

Ellie - ''We had to skip for 2 minutes, it was a long time to skip.''

Edward- ''I have learnt how to skip now, that makes me really happy!''

Charlotte - ''I was practising counting my skips, then i checked on the counter.''

Vinnie - ''We were given blueberries because we were good at skipping and our brains needed fruit to help us skip!''

Emily was the champion skipper in Hedgehog class!

''I skipped 80 skips in 2 minutes! I nearly beat Miss.Coleman!''

Our week will have a big focus on bridges in relation to our construction topic. As it is British Science Week we will be completing experiments linked with building bridges and how much weight we can add to them. For this we will be using newspaper, so if you have any spare newspaper at home please bring it in for us to use!

Week commencing 12th March.

Mums Day!

Thank you to all the mums who were able to come into hedghog class and join in with our day! Thank you for getting stuck in and taking part. We hope you enjoyed the day as much as we did. 

Due to the snow last week our World Book Day was re-arranged to Wednesday 7th March. We enjoyed a day of being dressed as our favourite book character and sharing lots of stories!

Addition using single digits.

We have been using various ways to work out addition maths problems. We used numicon, counting cubes and number lines. We know the end number will always be a bigger number than the two we add together. To find the total we count the amounts altogether. 

We have been exploring the seasons and the cycle in which they occur. We created our own season wheels using pictures and colours to represent each season. The snow last week was an amazing opportunity for us all to explore and experience and to see the change between winter and spring. We have been using our senses to describe the changes that are happening now we are in spring! We can not wait to see the spring flowers, butterflies and blossom on the trees.

Week Commencing 5th March.

Continue learning on snow days:


  • We have been recapping over our numerals 1-10 then 10-20 ensuring we can recognise numerals and create a clear representation ourselves so continue practising your numeral formations and ordering numbers. Not necessarily always starting with 1! 


  • We have been identifying one more and one less of numbers, maybe you can find numbers around your home or the environment and count back or forward. Don't forget to use things around you for help... maybe even a line of snowballs!


  • We have started to use the correct terminology for adding numbers together. Can you verbalise a maths problem using add and equals? Can you show your maths problem using objects around the house? Can you produce in written form the maths problem?

There are lots of interactive games that relate to the maths we have been learning on:


  • We are continually developing our fine motor skills through letter formations. Keep practising using a range of materials. 
  • Can you create a mind map of key words relating to the weather we have been experiencing. Use your phonics to sound out your words. It doesn't have to be fully correct yet, just phonetically plausible. 
  • We are also focusing on writing sentences. Can you write what you have been doing whilst not at school? Have you been in the snow? How did it feel? Whats going to happen to the snow eventually? Don't forget to use Capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.


  • Continue practising your phonics so that you can use them in your reading and writing! Recap phase 2 and we are currently learning phase 3. There are lots of free games on:

  • If you would like support in knowing how to pronounce the phonics yourself please take a look at: 

Over this topic we will be exploring different areas of construction and how different structures are made. These will include;

  • Our homes
  • Bridges
  • Famous Landmarks
  • Castles.

This topic will stimulate the children's curiosity, understanding, knowledge and imagination about buildings and structures whilst incorporating first hand experiences. Any pictures or information about famous landmarks, buildings and structures you may have visited are great starting points for any discussion!

Construction - Topic for term 4

It was lovely to see so may parents and families came in to see the work we had been doing over term 3. The children worked very hard on their writing and creating dinosaur fact files. Also working in their groups to create a dinosaur land for the dinosaur they grew form little eggs. Hedgehogs were super excited to share this with you.

Thank you for coming in!


  •  We have been comparing numbers using the correct mathematical terms 'more' and 'fewer.' 
  • Estimation has been a big focus to understand the concept and taking realistic estimations.
  • We have explored what finding the total means and the ways in which we can work it out. We used a range of manipulatives, such as counting cubes in hoops to find the total amount of cubes within the two hoops by counting altogether. We found ways of sorting and making it easier for us to count when there was a lot of cubes. 
  • 2D shapes! We have discussed the names for 2D shapes as well as describing the properties of a shape. For example; How many sides, edges and points. We have looked at ways of categorising shapes with their properties too.
  • We have begun to look at height and length and together created a class height chart which we measured ourselves on. We are going to measure each term to see how much we grow! 

We chose the T-Rex to be the dinosaur we found because it is the biggest meat eater dinosaur! -Jonah

We're going on a dinosaur hunt!

Together as a class we created our own version of the bear hunt story and changed it to become We're going on a dinosaur hunt! The children used their imagination to work out what things we would need to overcome and have thought of descriptive words to use!

Today when we arrived in class 4 little eggs had been left for us! The note told us to put them into water and care for them in our groups. We had to take pictures and record the changes each day! Follow our adventure....

Walking With Dinosaurs!

Topic for term 3

Hedgehogs have come back to school after Christmas break very enthusiastic and ready to learn! It is great to see so much work has been done over the holiday, showing off the things we have been learning.

We love maths!

Discovering and role playing together...

We have been very creative and are working hard to improve our writing!

Here we are making our bird feeders as we develop our outside area!

We have been very busy!