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English - The Curriculum


English is used to communicate in both written and spoken form. We use language to build our understanding of the world and the community we live in. We learn, develop and enhance our knowledge of English throughout our lives.
At Sutton Valence Primary School we teach English daily and reinforce these skills through other areas of the curriculum. Our over arching aim is to nurture in children the love of literature and language and to provide children with the confidence to continue reading and writing throughout their lives.
Parental involvement is a key factor for children enjoying and achieving in English. We are very lucky at Sutton Valence Primary School that so many of you take such a keen interest in supporting your children.


The Cornerstone curriculum provides the basis of our English planning and class teachers use this to plan their writing activities. Children are taught grammar, punctuation and how to use a range of new vocabulary. We ensure we are consistent within our teaching and relate our writing to our current topics. Children produce a range of writing including narratives, poetry, adverts, letters, diaries, non-fiction and non-chronological reports.  We believe this enables children to build on the skills they have learnt and make rapid progress. Class teachers then support the children in editing work so they understand how to make their work better and move forward with their learning. In addition to this children are taught to evaluate edit their own and others work.


Reading Scheme:

We are currently using a range of reading schemes for reading because we believe that children should be able to access a range of books and the use of only one scheme does not ‘fit all’. Children need to experience a rich diet of literature.  However it is not about moving quickly through the reading scheme, it is also about understanding text.



At Sutton Valence we use the ‘Progression for Handwriting’ document produced by Kent. It complements the new National Curriculum Programmes of Study for Key Stages 1 and 2.

In Year 1 children move to using ‘lead ins’ after Easter in preparation for joining.

In Year 2 children are expected to start joining letters and words.

In Year 3 children earn their pen license!

From Year 3 to 6 emphasis is placed on formation, presentation and accuracy.


Spoken Language:

Class teachers use a range of methods in our school to support the development of spoken language however ‘talk partners’ are key to supporting each other with our ideas. Children in our school get to experience talking in front of their peers, the school and productions are used to allow children to express themselves.

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